The Search for Interaction


With technology as such a prominent part of our modern lives, we seem to always be searching for new technology that is not only relevant to our daily routine, but will also boost our productivity levels. What we seek are applications for our iPhone and Android devices that provide us with a revolutionary experience, one that eases our workload by optimizing our “free time” and allowing hands-free usage (a favorite for multi-taskers).

Many companies are successful in observing this consumer demand, and have developed applications that satisfy this need; whether it is a to-do application (like Carrot) or a fitness goals application (like Fitbit), there are thousands of innovative apps that almost cater to our every need.

Naturally the next question would be: What else are we looking for?

If there are all kinds of programs that cater to our needs, then what else are we in search of? Perhaps, the next step is interactive applications. We seem to embrace the idea of automatically being offered objects that we could like; Pandora and Amazon do this incredibly well by recommending similar music and products based on your listening habits and buying patterns.

In particular, would interactive news be highly useful to those who must commute to work by driving, but want to catch up on the daily news without having to wake up early and shift through the stories in the paper?  What is its value to those who want to have the option of hearing only the headline or the entire story of specific news, a luxury that cannot be found with the car or online radio?

What is your perspective on interactive news?