A Pot Of News

While one person enjoys the same cup of coffee each morning, another prefers a different cup for every day of the week. Who’s to say one is right while the other is wrong? I would say no one has this right. Just as the old adage says, “it takes all kinds.” The fact is choices are key in developing the mind, and for us to grow as people it is imperative that we have options in everything we do. Whether we choose to utilize these options is a personal decision. But there is one significant area of life that is lacking options, and this area of life is the news.

One inovation the Daily Steak is bringing to the table is the ability to have different voices reading to you specified categories of news. In the morning you might like a soft jazz voice giving you the news in a relaxing manner: “it’s going to be another beautiful day with a high of 85 degrees and a low of 72. We recommend shorts and a T-shirt.” But when the day gets rolling and you’re sitting at lunch, you need the news fast. You don’t need the weather; you need to know what’s the newest application to hit the market that morning because you are a Tech junky—dedicating your life to knowing such things. We gotcha covered. For this part of your day, you might want your news read by a different voice. Maybe for you it is a stern forward voice, strong and resonating. Whatever your interests are, there is an option for you. You might want a different voice for every category of news and this too is an option we believe you deserve.

As a news enthusiasts, it is your right to have all kinds of choices.  But again, “It takes all kinds,” so whatever it is you want to hear about, from whatever kind of voice you want to hear it, you should be able to have that option. We are past the age of fitting into your day the select handful of anchors whose programs, if not recorded in advance, force you to sit through the same cycle of commercials you’ve had to endure for weeks. And when you’re in the car searching for some fresh news, odds are, you’ll have to sit through the same story you just heard 15 minutes ago while grabbing a bite.

So how about hearing the news from different, human, voices when the time is right for you? How about having a choice on not just who these voices are, but ‘what’ these voicing are giving you? How about not having to endure superfluous, monotonous advertisements in between stories? The Daily Steak gives you the options you want. The Steaks news app gives you a wide array of choices in customizing your personal feed—from sources to voices, to categories, to whenever you have the time to say, “give me the news.” The poet William Cowper once wrote, “Variety is the spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.” The Daily Steak is filling news consumption with a spectrum of options never before put to light to spice your brew just how you like it.


Question of the day

How would you like your news to be spiced?