Technology and Humanity

We are connected on a level today never before felt, heard, or learned by humanity in any past eras. We are both directly and indirectly connected to the mass of the human race in so many ways. It is intensely exciting to sit and think of all the ways we are connected but the one that has always brewed up the most thought, is why, and for what? What can we gain as a civilization from this massive scale of connectivity? What can we accomplish together, and what will come of our profound relationship with technology and humanity?

In an article, “Biz Stone: Humans can outsmart the Internet”, Stone says, “the true promise of a connected society is people helping one other. Or at least it should be.” Biz Stone is best known as the co-founder of twitter and is also the co-founder of a new application called “Jelly”. Jelly is a search engine that is rather unique in comparison. In the words of Stone himself, “There’s way more to life than the Internet. So Jelly is like a search engine for everything else. And the reason it works is that we’re all connected.” Part of what he is referring to as, everything else, is the driving force behind his new application. Jelly searches through Twitter and Facebook to find relevant information to its users search.

What is so fascinating about Biz Stones new application is that it sheds light on the notion of interactive human intelligence alone being shared, collected, and used as a data facility that is accessible by all through the Internet. His attempt to unite what people have to say this very second is fascinating and is on the cusp of innovative thinking in the application world.

The thought of faster creation, truth, and relevant information is a concept that we at Daily Steak have always been drawn too, and strive to fuse the idea into our application. It is no secret that mobile applications are becoming a huge facilitator of information and perspectives. We are bringing to the relationship of technology and humanity an application that allows for a new form of relevant information to be consumed.

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