Are Niche News Apps Merely a Fad?

Niche news apps

We found a question on Quora regarding mobile applications, and found it of most interest to us. There are many niche news apps nowadays; it makes sense when there is such an increase in mobile device usage. But are these niche news apps soon to die?

These news apps bring forth something the traditional ways of news consumption cannot, whether it is a summary of the article or a shortened video version of the full story. These news apps offer value to a specific audience: to those who want news in a condensed format that is interesting and personalized. These news apps are meant to be customized to a person’s taste, to take into account what their preferences are and mold the daily news to their interests.

Who doesn’t like personalized applications, made to make life easier for you? In a world in which we are overloaded with our daily priorities and mere distractions, we have little time for issues such as worrying about which news articles to skip and which ones are worth looking into. The value of these news apps is not a problem; the real question is how they could be improved.

What could niche news apps improve on to better your experience?


Quick and Dirty


News grazing is getting more and more popular nowadays. We often put aside news consumption for times of the day when we have a little extra time, whether it’s at the coffee shop during the morning or the dining table at home. Though we want to be updated on worldly happenings and local stories, we can only set aside so much time for it.

With the founding of apps like Summly (which has been acquired by Yahoo), we have realized how big a demand there is for summaries of articles, whether they are news related or not. With such a demand, there will surely be supply – there will be apps that will rise to the challenge of fixing this problem.

Because we live in a world in which we have to adhere to a certain schedule (with work and meetings and kids), we choose to work around these schedules. What we would benefit from is a way to help us do this. We now want quick and dirty updates, concise news summaries to digest while we leave the rest of our time free for other tasks. We want relevant articles, saving us time from reading stories that are not relevant to us or our interests. We could use mobile apps that provide these services on-the-go, optimizing our time spent traveling.

What do you think about getting the quick and dirty headlines?