A Pot Of News

While one person enjoys the same cup of coffee each morning, another prefers a different cup for every day of the week. Who’s to say one is right while the other is wrong? I would say no one has this right. Just as the old adage says, “it takes all kinds.” The fact is choices are key in developing the mind, and for us to grow as people it is imperative that we have options in everything we do. Whether we choose to utilize these options is a personal decision. But there is one significant area of life that is lacking options, and this area of life is the news.

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How Do You Optimize Your Commute Time?


We all commute one way or another, whether it be by car, train, bus, plane, or hot air balloon. It doesn’t matter whether it’s to the grocery store 10 blocks away, to your office building 30 minutes away, or even to your child’s college dormitory across the country. Everybody has a way of transporting themselves to their point of destination.

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