Apps and Their Potential Benefits On Our Minds and Our Bodies.

What was once a theory is now a simple observation of our surroundings.  The shift from fixed-Internet access to mobile access has gained substantial ground in recent months. The shift has occurred with great assistance from an expanding ecosystem of apps. recently released a poll stating that 89% of mobile device users accessed media through apps in 2013. And according to a global study published by, people prefer mobile apps to mobile websites because of their 1) convenience, 2) ease of use, and 3) speeds.  Apps are the future; how will you choose to utilize their existence?

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Belief in a New Relationship

Voice-controlled interfaces are the future of interactions between us and our technological resources. With the introduction of Nuance’s Dragon, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s ‘OK Google’, perspectives in reference to voice-controlled interfaces are growing increasingly intriguing by the day, and for a good reason. We at the Daily Steak firmly believe in the convenience and creativity  of voice-controlled technology, and we will be incorporating it into our news application.
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How do you see the future of apps?

In many respects, apps have created their very own ecosystems, and these ecosystems are evolving at an intense rate. When apps first came out, they where designed to do things like keep a more organized/customizable calendar, and to provide simple shortcuts to websites. Now, apps like “Layar” bring augmented reality to Google Glass, providing interactive facts and information about the world. Or how about another app called “Cadenza”, (made by Sonation), which allows any musician to be accompanied by a full orchestra. All you do is play your instrument, and the app creates an orchestra to play with you: it learns your progressions, it remembers your style, and it plays with you in real time.

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The App Explosion

The range of mobile applications is far and wide. There are apps for organization and note taking, drawing and photo editing, finance and business analysis. According to there are 1,145,591 active apps as of this month. Recorded in the month of February alone there where 11,449 created. That is 1,145 a day. So what does this mean? Where is the app explosion taking us, and how can we use it to our advantage?

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Sharing the Experience

We live in an era of hyperconnectivity, and now, a huge part of our lives is online. In one way or another, we are all connected on a massive scale like no other era in the history of humanity. This is simply fact. We are sharing information at an intimidating rate, and it is growing each day. Cisco estimates that by 2015, the amount of data crossing the Internet every five minutes will be equivalent to the total size of all movies ever made, and that annual Internet traffic will reach a zettabyte – roughly 200 times the total size of all words ever spoken by humans.

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