Sharing the Experience

We live in an era of hyperconnectivity, and now, a huge part of our lives is online. In one way or another, we are all connected on a massive scale like no other era in the history of humanity. This is simply fact. We are sharing information at an intimidating rate, and it is growing each day. Cisco estimates that by 2015, the amount of data crossing the Internet every five minutes will be equivalent to the total size of all movies ever made, and that annual Internet traffic will reach a zettabyte – roughly 200 times the total size of all words ever spoken by humans.

In this era of hyperconnectivity, sharing has reached a new level of expectation. More than ever we share our lives with the world through social media sites and apps, including Facebook, Instagram, personal blogs, Twitter, Pheed, and many other iPhone and Android apps. There is an array of apps coming to the market every day; these apps are utilizing the new connections being created in this world. The Daily Steak is going to be one of these new innovative applications to propel our connectivity.

We believe that this is just the beginning of an incredible future marked by sharing and connecting. At the Daily Steak we are developing a new experience to complement all other forms of sharing. Our application allows a unique perspective on news consumption that is going to lead this hyper-connectivity era marching forward strong.

Imagine for a moment a room full of people discussing the news; odds are, they have all read similar, if not the same, stories from similar, if not the same, sources. This has worked in the past to grow personal perspectives and invoke discussion. Now imagine a room full of people with their own news channel that had been customized for them. This is the Daily Steak app. In this second scenario we imagine that we would find that the value of sharing would grow richer. The sharing would now hold a greater sense of truth, allowing for a deeper learning of ourselves and each other.


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