Our “Duty of Care” to You


In June 2013, David Puttnam gave a speech for TED Talks entitled: Does the media have a “Duty of Care”?  In his speech, Puttnam examined whether or not the media has a moral imperative to create an informed society promoting a democracy. Now, it is not whether or not Mr. Puttnam is correct in his findings, or even in his solution to such; but the question he asks is one that should definitely be examined further for its revolving factors that affect us all.

Mr. Puttnam specifically pinpointed tabloids in his examining, but the question he brings to attention should be asked of all media outlets, especially news. Puttnam’s argument revolves around a statistic stating that tabloids do not further educate the political mindset of a society. With that said, if anything should further educate the political minds of a society, it should be the news.

The Daily Steak has set up a service to better educate its society of users and in part bettering society in its entirety. Our service allows for competition of ideas by way of opening up multiple avenues of perspectives, giving society a better measure of the truth and relevancy of media. Our application also allows for the potential rise of a wider range of political thoughts. We at the Daily Steak believe that all outlet information can be utilized in a re-invented light that reflects the innovation of a new era of societal wellbeing.