Measuring the Competition.

Competition…something the world has thrived off for centuries. It is the desire to succeed further, to create intelligent fairness, and to never conclude. Competition is a necessity in all aspect of our lives… including our news.

Everyday we search in continuous categories and endless corners of life to accomplish the goals of bettering others and ourselves. We do this because we know that knowledge is key. We do this because we know that knowledge of the world around us, and its current state, is imperative to making strong and beneficial decisions for everyone.

Think about if you spent your entire day searching the web for the perfect article, on the subject you are interested in, the subject you feel will propel your life with the greatest advance. That would take hours of research. You would have to read every article out there and then decide which one had the information that was applicable to your wants and needs. Not only that, you would have to do it every day to get the most out of your news… that would take a life time in itself.

But what if you had the opportunity to do this on the go, and had an application that recognized such desires and interests? What if this app began molding your own channel for the daily news, a channel that could help you excel in your individual path?

The Daily Steak has created such an algorithm in the Daily Steak’s app. It measures competition within the market in a way that directly associates to the consumer’s needs and life experiences. When you combine the personal customization of the Daily Steak app., (Adjusting Topics and Sources), with its ability to give you summaries of the daily headlines, you will be introduced to a completely transformed version of news consumption. One that holds personal measuring sticks to all sources and perspectives of news, allowing for the specific news relevant to your visions and interests.

Kofi Annan once said, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” The Daily Steak is striving to educate the people of the world while utilizing individual visions and desires. Here at the Steak we are eager to bring the future of news into a presence it has never seen before. Join us in sculpting the future of news consumption.