Look Ma, No Hands


We are always on the lookout for more efficient and easy ways to accomplish tasks, especially with the increasingly innovative technological advances now made available. Whether it’s signing up for a social media account or creating an iPhone app from scratch, we want the processes of doing these tasks to be as painless as possible.

One development that has greatly contributed to the convenience of doing certain tasks is voice control. The ability to easily command and control remote devices using a voice recognition system can open a world of possibilities in which we could do things more easily and efficiently. With such hands-free control, there is no need for complicated menu buttons, no need for putting off other tasks at hand. Voice control allows us to say very clearly what we want our device to do, often with simple commands. It also provides us the freedom to do other things, to multi-task while controlling our desired devices.

Voice control is being moved to mobile. The introduction of Siri spawned a generation of voice controlled mobile apps, in which users could control a number of functions on their phones, without needing to buy yet another device.

What does this mean? Voice control allows us to do a number of tasks we couldn’t before, such as controlling your Android application hands free while driving. We can get our preferred news with a simple voice command on our portable devices, all while multitasking. This would be revolutionary, contributing to a voice controlled future.

What type of interactive voice apps would you like to see?