Innovating Our Daily Gaps

Every day we encounter gaps of free time, and in these gaps it is our conscious choice to decide what we will do with this time. One specific gap is that of our morning commutes. During our commutes some of us prefer the sound of music, some prefer deep thinking, others prefer listening and reading the news. Now, I mean not to narrow our free time to these three choices, but rather attempt to bring forth a few viable and popular options. With that said, the news is the option that we at the Daily Steak are enriching and is the primary focus of this post.

We have created an algorithm that adjusts to what you want to know.  The algorithm learns from you, what your interests are, and attempts to assist you with obtaining information about your interests. Essentially, our mobile app generates a way to make your free time more valuable. With options like, “More”, and “Skip”, and “Headline summaries”, we are creating a system which allows you to get to the heart of what it is you, the individual, desires to learn, while passing the stories and categories you don’t.

It is that simple. You want to learn about something relevant and current through your Daily News. Then all you have to do is adjust the category bars and our algorithm begins to work with you to reach your preferred experience.  Traditionally a news consumer turns on the news to hear a story, and then an hour later the same story is repeating. With our application you are the navigator of your news, you are the pilot to its flight. Innovation is a prime factor in continuing the evolution of our minds, and innovation is what the Daily Steak bleeds.