Individuality – ‘the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind’.

In an article recently published by titled, ‘It’s the next step in campaign targeting based on masses of data about consumers and voters’, by Martha T. Moore, explains a concept that is being introduced in a new medium not yet perfected.

There is a new ‘channel’ for marketing that is utilizing an innovative and relevant technology in combination with satellite TV. Companies such as Direct TV and Dish Network  are now selling space for addressable adds, which are pushed into specific households, unique to certain variables.

“It’s the next step in campaign targeting based on masses of data about consumers and voters”, the article read. “Online ads target computer users based on where they go online or what they search for, which voters begin to realize when they see the same ad popping up on their laptop repeatedly. But voters targeted via satellite TV won’t know that a candidate ad they see was chosen for them more specifically than the beer commercial that follows it.”

With a society driven partially by the advertisements we ingest, specifically gaged to us as individuals, it is more important now than ever to strive for our individuality. As the markets adjust and continue to utilize such technologies, it seems to make sense that the people continue to utilize the same technologies to their own advantages as well. The Daily Steak has the ability to do this for the people with its news feed customization feature, and its ability to compare multiple perspectives.

We must continue to stay unique with our own sense of individuality. Though I know we all have our own hobbies and passions, I pose the question: What is more intellectually unique than your own custom designed news feed? What better way to sculpt your knowledge of current news than to have a self-adjusted and controlled news outlet that speaks the daily news to you from your smart phone...on-the-go?

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