How Would You Like Your News?


With improvements being made daily on a number of technologically advanced devices, certain media outlets, such as newspapers, radios, and news broadcast channels, have mostly remained the same.

Newspapers have had the same format. Headlining stories are on the front page, followed by an excerpt. The article continues on another page; the purpose of this is to not only allow for several good developments to occupy the first page, but also to provide you the chance to decide if you have enough interest to read on. Then the editorials in somewhere in the middle, mostly referring to articles that were posted some time before.

Radios have more or less also stayed the same as well. They often take one of two options: to provide the most in-depth conversation revolving around just one story, or to provide rapid short spurts of headlining news but never really go into the details.

News broadcast channels, such as NBC or ABC, is a mixture of the two, both providing a good coverage of headlining stories and giving editorial opinions at the same time with relation to different topics.

Though we all have continually used at least one of these to consume our daily news, there are issues that could be improved. News apps could be the foundation for this change, one that is optimized to fit into our daily routines. News apps are portable and allow you to catch up on the developing stories on-the-go at any time of your choosing, as opposed to watching the daily 6:00am news report while making breakfast for the kids and ironing your dress shirt. News apps could also bring together stories that you want to hear, providing you the option to choose whether you want the in-depth version or the skimmed summary; this melds together the newspaper format with the radio advantage. Also, a news app with related editorials would solve the issue of reading up on day-old editorial pieces.

What kind of format would you like your personalized news app to have?

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