How do you see the future of apps?

In many respects, apps have created their very own ecosystems, and these ecosystems are evolving at an intense rate. When apps first came out, they where designed to do things like keep a more organized/customizable calendar, and to provide simple shortcuts to websites. Now, apps like “Layar” bring augmented reality to Google Glass, providing interactive facts and information about the world. Or how about another app called “Cadenza”, (made by Sonation), which allows any musician to be accompanied by a full orchestra. All you do is play your instrument, and the app creates an orchestra to play with you: it learns your progressions, it remembers your style, and it plays with you in real time.

Mobile applications have existed for only 6 years or so, and already they have evolved into some of the most servicing pieces of technology used on a daily basis worldwide. We already have this amazing resource called the Internet, which, compared to the history of most world changing technologies, is still a helpless infant. Now just imagine the possibilities in another 10 years.

Our question to you is: How will the future developments of the Internet and of mobile apps significantly affect the human race? How do you think these small little icons filled with big ideas will alter our day-to-day experiences? We at the Daily Steak believe that responsive and interactive application have the ability to make the world a better place, and we are striving to incorporate this idea in your daily news.