How Do You Optimize Your Commute Time?


We all commute one way or another, whether it be by car, train, bus, plane, or hot air balloon. It doesn’t matter whether it’s to the grocery store 10 blocks away, to your office building 30 minutes away, or even to your child’s college dormitory across the country. Everybody has a way of transporting themselves to their point of destination.

The question is what should you do with this time spent traveling?

You are limited to only a handful of options, especially if you are prone to experience motion sickness. This leaves us with a choice between listening to music, tuning into the news, breaking out that audiobook or staring at the license plate of the car in front of you. Like most people you find yourself switching between these 4 things.

We only tune into an FM radio station when desperate; there are so many commercial breaks, and they always play the same songs over and over again. Pandora is our obvious go-to for music in the car, but after listening for a while, you tend to hear the same songs day after day – shuffled and played in a different order. Most of the time, we don’t feel want music, so we put in an audiobook. We love listening to audiobooks but find it hard to remember key concepts or to take summarized notes while driving, not to mention that a number of studies have proven that when we  ”multitask“, we cannot fully pay attention to each task. This suggests that we may miss the necessary details of an audiobook while we are driving. Maybe we turn on the news instead (the only stations we probably go to are CBS and NPR). With CBS, I get the quick and dirty headline update but with NPR I get the in-depth story on only one topic. I could spend an evening loading up my phone with podcasts, but then there goes my day.

What do you do in the car?

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