Helping You Tune In

Is information processing a relevancy issue? 

Do you find yourself tuning in and out of the news? Psychology research suggests that auditory and visual stimuli are prone to be temporary, fleeting after a few moments. This occurs when the stimuli are not converted to short-term memory.

How is this relevant to news consumption? It occurs when you find no interest in the current news story that is being broadcasted by your choice of news channel. Thus, there is a relevancy problem.

When this relevancy gap occurs, then you tend to tune out. While daily news consumption is about catching up on the most important new developments in your local area or even world-wide, it cannot fulfill everyone’s preferences. Each person is unique, and listening to the local news station or watching the news broadcast will inevitably bring forth news that will be uninteresting to you.

What Daily Steak is aiming to do is to close this gap; to only bring you news customized to your preferences, and trying to make news consumption more efficient and more relevant. No more tuning in and out.

What do you think about this relevance gap? Does it apply to you?

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