Pocket Libraries

The mobilization of the Internet is something that has changed the world, more than we might even understand.  Imagine that we all carry a backpack big enough to fit 90 percent of all books in the world.  Now realize that this is not an imaginative idea, but rather a simple understanding. The Internet has become a source for intelligence that is seemingly boundless and is evolving every minute.

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‘Smart’ Hearing Aids

The empathy that we share as humans for those impaired, in even the slightest bit, is a major driving force in the world of current technological growth. With each new day, a ‘smart’ technology is invented and with each new day we are attempting to better our existence in its entirety. These ‘smart’ technologies are an expression of human kinds desire to embrace interconnectivity, and that is exactly what the “worlds smartest hearing aid” is doing today.

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Our “Duty of Care” to You


In June 2013, David Puttnam gave a speech for TED Talks entitled: Does the media have a “Duty of Care”?  In his speech, Puttnam examined whether or not the media has a moral imperative to create an informed society promoting a democracy. Now, it is not whether or not Mr. Puttnam is correct in his findings, or even in his solution to such; but the question he asks is one that should definitely be examined further for its revolving factors that affect us all.

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Artificial Emotion

What does it mean to relate? This is a question that has puzzled philosophers and scientists for centuries. How do we relate? With whom or what can we relate? And when we relate, are we actually relating? Without getting too deep into such philosophical questions, let us think about a specific relationship: what is the difference between a natural human voice and one generated by a computer, and can we as humans relate to a computer-generated voice at all?

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Being Involved in The Creation of Your Channel

Learning is essentially what we do every day, whether or not we wake up with the intent to do so. It is imbedded in evolution and for many it is internalized through experience. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” The Internet (something Mr. Franklin probably didn’t have in mind when expressing this perception) is the epitome of mass involvement placed among an endless spectrum.

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A Music Lovers Perspective


Because I am passionate about music, I tend to be more attracted to this area of life. I enjoy studying it, breaking it down, and acknowledging the ways it changes people and their environment. I am always looking for new ways to compare music to other aspects of culture. So when I first read the Daily Steak’s vision, I was intrigued to say the least. Specifically what intrigued me was the comparison to Pandora. Even more specific was that like Pandora, The Daily Steak app would be customizable to a person’s preferences. The comparison sounded evolutionary. So naturally, being that I was (and am currently) a huge fan of Pandora, I began to make comparisons between the two, and what I found absolutely fascinated me.

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Individuality – ‘the quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind’.

In an article recently published by USAtoday.com titled, ‘It’s the next step in campaign targeting based on masses of data about consumers and voters’, by Martha T. Moore, explains a concept that is being introduced in a new medium not yet perfected.

There is a new ‘channel’ for marketing that is utilizing an innovative and relevant technology in combination with satellite TV. Companies such as Direct TV and Dish Network  are now selling space for addressable adds, which are pushed into specific households, unique to certain variables.

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Confidence in your news.

News consumption is decreasing in younger generations due to two specific reasons. One is the feeling of a lack of credibility in news organization due to bias coverage. Two is a feeling that stories in their current mediums lack significance in daily application. When you add these two reasons together you will find that the decrease in news consumption, specifically in the youth, is due to a loss of confidence in the news.

The youth, and the population as a whole, are being narrowed by the current model for news. The current model runs off of a single sourced format which raises the question of its credibility. The youth is being raised within an era infused with a density of researchable avenues, aka the internet.  The current youth is used to having at the tips of their fingers, multiple perspectives, multiple theories, and multiple researching techniques. The youth is turning from current models of news because they want their own self-influenced and fact checked medium. One with a spread of all different beliefs, ideas, and sources.

If one had the ability to give themselves the confidence that the news they were obtaining was the most reliable news they could consume, then the consumption of news in the youth would rise. It is the confidence in truth that the youth want instilled and this confidence may be obtained through an innovative application process that gathers all news, from all possible corners, and places it in the consumer’s hands and ears. With a confidence in a truthful news medium, comes a sense of significance in a person’s life.

The Daily Steak has created this confidence. It has created a system to which the consumer of news can once again obtain a feeling of relevancy and credibility.  By using a system that utilizes countless sources and a wide range of perspectives, the Daily Steak has created an application that is going to once again instill credibility.  Its app gives you the option to customize your news feeds by topic, source, and preference allowing for an experience of news consumption like none other.

A Lesson from Jim Jones and the People’s Temple

Webster defines a cult as “a small religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme or dangerous”. Generally a cult refers to a cohesive social group devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding culture considers outside the mainstream, with a notably positive or negative popular perception. Many cults are destructive or suicidal though others, whilst being controversial, do not commit extreme acts.

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Should Bloomberg News Pull Stories That Might Anger China?

China and the Press

China and the Press


I once employed a Nanny who had grown up behind the Iron Curtain. As worldly and well educated as I considered myself, I was shocked to find that she grew up feeling intensely sorry for America and Americans. What? How could Americans be pitied by someone growing up in an East German police state? She told me Americans had no social welfare programs, the country had no infrastructure to take care of its poor and unfortunate. If a person loses a job in America, the government just lets you rot in the street. Hmm… interesting point. I always wondered if that propaganda we heard so much about was real. I guess it was.

News is defined by Webster as ‘new information or a report about something that has happened recently‘. Information. Information implies the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So when the news hit yesterday that Bloomberg is said to curb news that might anger China, it got me thinking about how much of news is information and how much of it is something else. Apparently Matthew Winkler, the longtime editor in chief of Bloomberg News, has pulled a couple of investigative stories that a few journalists had been working on for months.

Both stories, written by seasoned reporters in Hong Kong, examine the lives and families of Chinese political and business leaders. Pretty touchy stuff. Bloomberg has already come under the scrutiny of the Communist Party for its publication of the prize winning series exposing the family wealth of the party leaders, including that of the new Communist party chief.

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