Belief in a New Relationship

Voice-controlled interfaces are the future of interactions between us and our technological resources. With the introduction of Nuance’s Dragon, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s ‘OK Google’, perspectives in reference to voice-controlled interfaces are growing increasingly intriguing by the day, and for a good reason. We at the Daily Steak firmly believe in the convenience and creativity  of voice-controlled technology, and we will be incorporating it into our news application.

How great would it be to wake up and ask your phone, “What’s the weather today?” And while you’re getting dressed, or brushing your teeth, your phone will simply explain the weather.  You don’t have to turn anything on, you don’t have to find a website, you don’t have to sift through menu options: you just obtain the information by simply asking the question. This idea is truly fascination to us, and that is why we have designed a news app to do exactly that.

Combine voice command technology, with personalized and relevant news content, and you get our news app. We are designing an application that is algorithmically adjusted to create an individuals news channel.  Imagine the intellectual growth that will be possible. Imagine: evolving with technology as one, equally benefiting from one another. We all stand at the forefront of a great opportunity to optimize the relationship between human beings and their technology.