Being Involved in The Creation of Your Channel

Learning is essentially what we do every day, whether or not we wake up with the intent to do so. It is imbedded in evolution and for many it is internalized through experience. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” The Internet (something Mr. Franklin probably didn’t have in mind when expressing this perception) is the epitome of mass involvement placed among an endless spectrum.

Involvement is something that social media in its many realms has utilized and exploited greatly. But social media, though part of the same world of invention, is not directly the topic of this article. There is another densely created form of information that can be found in both the physical and the virtual world of learning and experience. It is something that the majority of us look toward as an avenue of knowledge and relevancy; the wire of information I am referring to is the news.

The Daily Steak has created an application that connects you as the consumer to an individually customized channel of news. This channel is fed and expanded directly through the involvement of its channel’s creator, i.e. customizable sources and categories. The application also allows for a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating scale similar to that of Pandora. This process in part allows for an enhanced form of learning that utilizes current and relevant information.

A system in which everyone has been involved is what has propelled human understanding, individuality, and progression since the beginning of time. The Daily Steak takes pride in believing that we have created an application that holds the potential to bring the individual consumer of news into a new world of existence, one where the consumers themselves are involved in the creation and development of their very own link to the daily news.


Question of The Day?


What does Franklin’s quote mean to you, and do you believe it can apply to your news consumption?

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