Are mobile apps the future of the Internet?

The chart below illustrates the climb of mobile application usage occurring throughout the month of February.   An article published by CNN stated that, mobile apps made up for 47 % of overall Internet traffic. This is the first time in history that apps have ruled the net. From the information below, we ask the question: Are mobile apps the future of the Internet?

When the Internet came out it was a technological revolution.  We have all been present during its growth and fusion into our daily lives. Today the page is being turned in the book of the Internet, and a new chapter is beginning. The dawn of mobile applications is upon us.

Interaction is the name of the game when it comes to Internet and its ability to assist in our day-to-day lives. Services that provide quicker data, unique avenues, and reliable sources are all goals of mobile app designers.  The goal is to help people with their everyday lives, to create a more dynamic experience, and to assist in the visions of the individual.