Apps and Their Potential Benefits On Our Minds and Our Bodies.

What was once a theory is now a simple observation of our surroundings.  The shift from fixed-Internet access to mobile access has gained substantial ground in recent months. The shift has occurred with great assistance from an expanding ecosystem of apps. recently released a poll stating that 89% of mobile device users accessed media through apps in 2013. And according to a global study published by, people prefer mobile apps to mobile websites because of their 1) convenience, 2) ease of use, and 3) speeds.  Apps are the future; how will you choose to utilize their existence?

Take into consideration, for a moment, how the apps you use every day affect your wellbeing emotionally, financially, and even physically. In an article produced by, a study reveals that mHealth apps using a gaming touch could actually help patients “reduce stress, pay more attention to their health and improve recovery”. In the article one can even find the testimony of physician technologist, Joseph Kim, M.D., who strongly believes in the future of mobile applications. Dr. Kim went on to say that, “We have only seen the beginning of how gamification principles will help patients improve their health,”

If apps are indeed showing benefits in regards to our physical and mental health, it only makes sense that we apply them to other aspects of our lives, right?  Onmego Inc. (the Daily Steaks parent company) believes that the unique use of mobile apps should be applied to our news, and that is why the Daily Steak was created. Everything that has been created in this blog, and everything found on this site, and everything soon to come, has been designed with a specific mission in mind: To simply and responsibly deliver news from diverse perspectives.

Our goal is to bring all news consumers their own personal news center in the form of a mobile application. We want to promote individual relevancy, and cultural awareness. Information is vital and news is one of our greatest resources for current information. Join us in our pursuit and share with us your opinion.