The Net and The News

News consumption has been rapidly evolving in recent years due to the advancements in Internet-reliant technologies. This week, the PEW research center released an article stating, “In 2013, 82% of Americans said they got news on a desktop or laptop and 54% said they got news on a mobile device.” The conclusion we can draw from the above statistics is that news consumption is beginning to depend on the Internet. So the question is: How do we optimize this relationship to benefit the consumer?

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Belief in a New Relationship

Voice-controlled interfaces are the future of interactions between us and our technological resources. With the introduction of Nuance’s Dragon, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s ‘OK Google’, perspectives in reference to voice-controlled interfaces are growing increasingly intriguing by the day, and for a good reason. We at the Daily Steak firmly believe in the convenience and creativity  of voice-controlled technology, and we will be incorporating it into our news application.
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How do you see the future of apps?

In many respects, apps have created their very own ecosystems, and these ecosystems are evolving at an intense rate. When apps first came out, they where designed to do things like keep a more organized/customizable calendar, and to provide simple shortcuts to websites. Now, apps like “Layar” bring augmented reality to Google Glass, providing interactive facts and information about the world. Or how about another app called “Cadenza”, (made by Sonation), which allows any musician to be accompanied by a full orchestra. All you do is play your instrument, and the app creates an orchestra to play with you: it learns your progressions, it remembers your style, and it plays with you in real time.

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An Evolving World Needs Evolving News


Larry Page (CEO of Google) sat down with Charlie Rose to talk about the future of technology, and the future of Google. On stage, at TED talks March 2014, Larry Page spoke of several futuristic concepts he believes in.  The idea that had the crowd clapping and cheering with the most enthusiasm was his belief in a system of anonymous medical records open to research doctors. In this idea, Page explains that with this system in place, a person with a condition would be able to see which doctors accessed their information, and why they accessed it. In turn, the patient could now learn about the condition they have.  “I think if we just did that, we’d save a 100,000 lives this year”, Page said.

Let us now point out a reality that we are all immersed in: the need for change. The world is not in a great place, and anyone who believes this notion may not be reading the news.  There are countries storming other countries, religious and non-religious war seemingly breaking out daily, and economies worldwide falling into travesty. Now is not a time for ignorance or a blind eye. Now is not the time to shrug off the misfortunes of the 3rd worlds, or even your neighbor. Now more that ever is a time to wake up and educate oneself. Educate your friends and family, and stand proud with the right to intellectually evolve.

Concepts such as Pages’ are helping sculpt the world to a better place. Google has made it possible for almost anyone from almost any demographic to acquire knowledge on nearly any topic.  We at the Daily Steak share the idea of informing the world, and assisting in self-learning.  Our mobile news application will provide a service that will assist you in creating your ideas that will change the world. With a new world of learning created by massive corporations such as Google, it is time that other aspects of our lives evolve with these drastically changing times too. We believe it is your right to have an ever-evolving news channel, so that’s what we are doing.

Profile Series: “The International Student Interview”


(During a leadership development seminar, Apurva Sharma (shown above) strikes an intriguing pose while assisting the photographer setting up his tripod. Apurva and the rest of the organizing committee had just finished setting up a room for a theme party. )

How are ya today?

Good, good., doing good

Great well how about we get started by you tell me a little bit about your self.

Ok, I moved to the U.S. in 2007. I am an international student. I finished my high school degree in India and just finished college at the University of San Jose with a degree in Marketing. I have an electrical engineering science background from India, but after I came here I was like, there are more things to do. I graduated in December and have been working for Nichols for about 1 month now.

Nice, so what kind of passions do you have?

Ya, my passions, I like music; I listen to music 24 hours. I listen to all genres, I am not very picky. I just don’t listen to hip-hop or mainstream. I like to workout, I like to cook.,    Ya, I love cooking food, and feeding people if anyone is down.  I cook some mean Indian food.

Cool, so what was it that brought you to the states, and then eventually to Onmego Inc.?

Well, my dad asked me if I wanted to go to the states when I was done with my high school degree.  And so I sent out my SAT’s from India and decided on San Jose because I was working with engineering mainly.  And that’s really that.

As far as Onmego goes. The Director of Operations at Codinghouse, Udita Plaha, was in one of my marketing classes and she posted a job saying, “we have this opportunity if you are interested”. At that time I had graduated and was looking for an opportunity. So then I talked to Nick on the phone and he said there was an opportunity for me if I was interested in helping out on his project. I really like how Nick put it up, and I really like Nick’s personality, and his approach. I take him as a mentor right now for me to grow as a business individual in Silicon Valley.

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The Modern Printing Press

In 1445 Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and it changed the world forever.  The printing press created a cheap way to produce literature, and directly created a growth of intelligence that for the first time spanned the globe. It opened up the perspectives of mathematician, philosophers, artists, governmental thinkers, and scientist from all over the world to others, all over the world. Sometime between 1950 and 1970 a new form of the printing press evolved, which many have come to call, the Internet.

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The App Explosion

The range of mobile applications is far and wide. There are apps for organization and note taking, drawing and photo editing, finance and business analysis. According to there are 1,145,591 active apps as of this month. Recorded in the month of February alone there where 11,449 created. That is 1,145 a day. So what does this mean? Where is the app explosion taking us, and how can we use it to our advantage?

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Technology and Humanity

We are connected on a level today never before felt, heard, or learned by humanity in any past eras. We are both directly and indirectly connected to the mass of the human race in so many ways. It is intensely exciting to sit and think of all the ways we are connected but the one that has always brewed up the most thought, is why, and for what? What can we gain as a civilization from this massive scale of connectivity? What can we accomplish together, and what will come of our profound relationship with technology and humanity?

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Innovating Our Daily Gaps

Every day we encounter gaps of free time, and in these gaps it is our conscious choice to decide what we will do with this time. One specific gap is that of our morning commutes. During our commutes some of us prefer the sound of music, some prefer deep thinking, others prefer listening and reading the news. Now, I mean not to narrow our free time to these three choices, but rather attempt to bring forth a few viable and popular options. With that said, the news is the option that we at the Daily Steak are enriching and is the primary focus of this post.

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Healthy Citizens


For centuries, politics have controlled the most important decisions for countries and their citizens. In a time when the world seems to be in a state of disarray for many countries, now is a very important time to have an informed and educated political view.  Whether or not you are a person whose day-to-day routine deals directly with politics, it affects the world you live in. Winston Churchill once said, “Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.” This quote is as applicable today as it was in 1943.

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